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Testimonial from Tampa, FL.

I am a fitness freak: I like cross-country running,cycling, weight lifting, playing basketball and racquetball. But at a certain point I started having severe back pains, spasms and hamstring tightening which sidelined me for quite a while as I tried physical therapy but I did not get immediate relief I was looking for. Then I visited with Dr Carrie Johnson for initial visit and analysis of my condition, at first I was skeptical but Dr Carrie Johnson made me a believer of Acupuncture and Active release techniques. Thanks to the professionalism of Dr Carrie she put me on the road to wellness and now I back on my horse again to rejoin doing what I like doing best in spare time. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who need healing of the future for the current pain.


David Eliahu from Tampa, FL.

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