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Ryan's Testimonial

Let me start by saying I am a certified CrossFit trainer with multiple specialty certifications and I am also a USAW certified Sport Performance Coach. I have dealt with minor injuries before but nothing that forced me to consider some type of rehab or treatment plan. While training high volume or a competition I suffered a low back injury. After months of rest and self prescribed rehab I wasn’t getting back to the shape I wanted and my symptoms persisted. I sought out Carrie and explained my issue. To make a long story short. Without any Xrays or MRI’s Carrie correctly diagnosed my issue (bulging disc L5-S1) and immediately began treatment. I saw her once a week for about an hour. Using all her knowledge of Eastern Medicine including Acupuncture, Cupping, Trigger Points and Deep Tissue release I immediately felt relief from my symptoms. Carrie recommended exercises, stretching and supplements that would work to treat my specific issue. I am now pain free and getting back to the shape I was previously in. The most amazing thing about my treatment with Carrie was her positive but still honest explanation of my issue and what I would need to do to correct. After being told by two neurosurgeons to “stop lifting weights” Carries knowledge, positive outlook and personal investment into my healing were refreshing and put me on a path back to what I love. She is missed in Tampa!  -Ryan Lack

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